Organic certified Edible Ginger Plant FREE SHIPPING -Dormant with NO LEAVES in a 4.5" pot height - Non-GMO - No chemicals - Florida-grown

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Organic certified Edible Ginger Plant FREE SHIPPING -Dormant with NO LEAVES in a 4.5" pot height - Non-GMO - No chemicals - Florida-grown

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Also known as Canton or Common ginger, it is used medicinally as a tea and enhances any soup as a spice. Often candied for its sweet but warming sensation.

Grown Naturally without the use of inorganic or synthetic chemicals or soil amendments. We hand pick for each order from our stock of premium quality plants grown & raised at A Natural Farm in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida.

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Zingiber officinale; Yellow Ginger Root

For sale is a live plant established in a pot with leaves & edible rhizomes (similar to the images in this listing).

Ginger plants are shipped in a 5” pot with soil, sealed with plastic to retain moisture during shipment. When you receive this plant, simply remove the plastic and check moisture in the soil. Water the rhizome 1-2 times per day. Plants have also been fertilized for the season. Add a topdressing yearly of organic compost, vermicompost or other natural amendments & fertilizers.

*Planting Instructions*
Whether indoors or on a patio, Turmeric plants thrive in containers (zones 5-11) and in ground planting (zones 8-11), Turmeric grown in containers can be brought indoors for the winter, where it will spend the cold months dormant without leaves.

Turmeric & Gingers should be planted in shaded areas of the garden for natural growth, higher nutrient density and to avoid burnt leave tips. To establish the plant, initial watering schedule can include 2-3 times weekly, with reduced needs in subsequent weeks. Water needs are minimal once established. Rhizomes grown near other plants in loose soil with only supplemental watering is best practice for higher nutrition and flavor quality.

Mulch heavily with loose organic bedding materials to protect over cooler months while plant is dormant and retain moisture in the warm months.

Expect to harvest roots after their first season in 7-8 months. Allow rhizomes to spread unharvested for two seasons in soil that does not freeze. Overwinter for one winter season and allow for another season of growth.

Arrange Gingers in block plantings or small gardens of their own for higher yields of the rhizome. Interplant in blocks alongside other garden vegetables to stack the functions of Turmeric’s disease & pest balancing properties.

Gophers & voles are only pests for Turmeric & Ginger that we have encountered. This is eliminated in plants grown in a container. Growing Turmeric in the ground will accumulate soil-born elements that aid in repelling disease & pests. Consuming turmeric in tea will do the same for the human body, assisting in healing and soothing of various ailments.

USDA Hardiness Zones (which zone am I?): 8-11 (in ground), 5-11 (in containers)
Deciduous/Evergreen: Deciduous
Plant Type: Perennial
Years to Bear Fruit & Edible Qualities: Classic grocery store available Ginger. Tuber like root/rhizome are edible, used medicinally and in teas
Full Size: Leaves will get up to 4'-5' high depending on root mass
Cold Tolerance: Dormant overwintering, can be grown as long as the ground does not freeze. If heavy frosts are likely in cold temperate climates, rhizomes can be dug up and stored in a cool dark place. Mulch with loose bedding for additional cold protection.
Light Requirements: Shade Preferred with morning and early evening sun.
Drought Tolerance/Watering: Handles drought and flooding, water needs based on location. More sun, more moisture needed.
Soil & Site Requirements: We recommend planting ginger in containers or keep it less invasive in the garden with supervision. Avoid burnt tips on the leaves by ensuring shade from mid-day summer sun and provide supplemental watering during droughts.

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