Cocos nucifera



No single plant has as much importance or varestility as the coconut palm. A miracle fruit, the nut of the coconut, provides many uses and health benefits. The tree itself is prized for its ornamental aesthetics.

USDA Hardiness Zones: 9b-11
Chill Hours: -
Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen
Plant Type: Perennial
Pollinator: Self-fertile
Blooming Season: 6-10 years after planting
Ripening Season: -
Years to Bear Fruit/Edible Qualities: The coconut palm starts fruiting 6 - 10 years after the seed germinates and reaches full production at 15 - 20 years of age. The nut of the tree is used extensively for its oils, water and meaty flesh. The sap of the flower is also used.
Full Size: up to 80'
Cold Tolerance: Does not tolerate cold, may require an average of 72 degrees to successfully grow. Protection during 9B winters will be required as death may occur at freezing temperatures
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Drought Tolerance/Watering: 30-50 inches of rainfall is typically required for successful growth but will endure drought outside of fruiting season
Soil & Site Requirements: Providing a well draining soil, the coconut palm will grow just about anywhere.